Welcome to SD Care

We believe in collaborative, long-term business relationships that evolve and grow stronger over time. Our clients have grown with us since inception and are scaling up their operations every year. Some have entered into multi-year contracts which reflect their trust in our quality and reliable performance and offer potential savings.

Backed by SDCare, with an enviable reputation of pioneering achievements, quality work, stability and business excellence as a leader in industrial health care services, SDCare is providing wide range of healthcare services such as health check-up, Pre employment health check-up, factory / company health check-up, full body health check-up, annual medical health check-up etc.

  • Corporate health care services
  • Occupational healthcare services
  • Periodic industry & factory health checkup
  • Annual medical health check up
  • Online health appointments
  • Corporate medical health checkup
  • Pre-employment health check up
  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Individual healthcare services
  • Medical / Health checkups
  • Full body health check up