Corporate / Industries

Occupational Health care Service

We excel in the field of industrial & corporate health check-ups, both at our centers and on site. For onsite check-ups, our team of medical experts is sent on prior decided place & time to perform the required tests on the employees in our fully equipped portable facility of X-Rays, Sonography, Color Doppler, E.C.G, Blood-collection, Eye check, Audiometry, BP, Height, Weight, Computerised body fat analysis and complete examination by MD physician. This saves enormous amount of time & inconvenience for staff as they can be all attended at one place in a short time, therefore saving the company both man-hours & transport costs. Results can be viewed on e-mailed at earliest or even same day in confidentiality to the company.


Various kind of health check-ups or pre-employment check-ups for the employees have been formulated. However we can make a tailor made program for your company as per your requirements. All this at a very economical cost & high quality.

Employee’s health is the real wealth for a business and we care for your employees. We at Avexa Health Care are specialized in providing a healthy assistance to the employees of your organization. We help your organization grow by keeping your employees healthy by providing insights using Health Risk Management analytics. The Avexa Health Care services are uniquely designed to meet the organization and employees growing health needs with a blend of convenience.